CAF at the 2012 political party conferences

A4_CAF_logo_RGB_60mmThe conference season has finally hit and the CAF Policy & Campaigns team are in Brighton for the first stage of our three-part tour to all three. Brighton is already well known for it’s vibrancy, so the glitter and glam of our ‘Generation Game’-style exhibit should be a welcome addition to the Liberal Democrat party conference.

The Setting

Brighton is famous for many things –  not least the impressive pier, pebble beach andmajestic Pavilion. It has also had the pleasure of hosting many political party conferences over the years, with all three main parties historically favouring a blast of fresh seaside air to blow away the cobwebs of a long summer break as they meet for conference season.

Recently, all three have preferred larger, landlocked industrial cities but this year the Liberal Democrats return to the coast, giving their grassroots a chance to stay at the local B&B’s, visit the amusements and more importantly, discuss the big issues affecting a party that is half way through it’s first foray in government as part of Britain’s first coalition since 1945.

It has not been an easy time for the Lib Dems of late, with their leader hitting the music charts for apologising and a bleak outlook if you believe the polls. That’s not to say that this is a party perceptibly in the last throes of defeat – after all, they are still in government, and even if they only have one hand on the steering wheel they still have some control over direction – but there is a sense that need to regroup and re-establish their own objectives outside of their forced friendship with the Conservatives.

If spirits need to be lifted though, then the CAF exhibition stand should certainly do the trick – as you can see above we’ve donned our gold sparkly jackets with intent and are encouraging everybody from the party faithful to seasoned hacks to come along and test their memory on the Generation Game!

Scores are starting to hit the leader board at the competition is on for the prize of a £50 charitable donation to a charity of the winner’s selection. The Lib Dem with the sharpest memory and fastest fingers will be announced at close of play on Tuesday, 25th September.


Though the exhibition stall is going down a treat and our teddy bears and golden tickets are flying off the shelves, today we’ll have the opportunity to talk policy with some insightful speakers. It’ll also be our first opportunity to hear people’s opinions and perspectives on Professor Sarah Smith’s research.


Boomers then Bust: Is Giving a Generation Game?

When: Monday 24 September, 18:15 – 19:30

Where: Pavilion Room, The Grand Hotel, Brighton.

Speakers: Tony Grew, Parliamentary EditorPoliticsHome (Chair), Baroness Tyler, Jenny Willott, MP for Cardiff Central, Dr Beth Breeze, University of Kent, John Low, CEO, Charities Aid Foundation.

We’ve got a great line-up, and are encouraging anyone in Brighton (with a conference pass!) to head over for what promises to be a very interesting debate about the future of giving in Britain.

Check back here soon for a report on the event.

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