Now That’s What I Call Philanthropy & Social Investment 2: Best of the Web 25.01.13

africaBased on the response to last week’s inaugural weekly round-up of the top 5 philanthropy and social investment stories on the web, I am going to cautiously pronounce it a success. At least, enough of a success that I have decided to do a second edition this week.

So here, in no particular order, are this week’s 5 philanthro-socinvestment stories (no, that’s definitely not going to catch on, is it?).


1) At number one is this article from Forbes magazine looking at some of the biggest philanthropists in Africa.

2) From the always-readable (if not always to-be-agreed-with!) Philanthrocapitalism website comes this blog analysing “The conservative criticism of philanthropy”. (That’s conservatism in the small-c, US sense, rather than Tory party).

3) Interesting and challenging take on the story that was out this week about Government stifling the independence of the voluntary sector, from the Guardian’s Zoe Williams. She argues that the unwillingness of charities that receive public funding to criticise government policy should not be taken as a reason to view them as victims, but rather that it should be seen as “tantamount to collusion.” Punchy stuff!

4) Thoughtful article on Pioneers Post about the difficulty of “following the money” in social investment at the moment, because of a lack of data on what social investments are being made.

5) And finally, a piece from the New York Times, about the “Rise of the Charity Pub”. This is one social innovation I really want to believe in. If anyone fancies setting a charity pub up near where I live, mine’s a pint of mild…

Rhodri Davies

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