Now that’s what I call Philanthropy & Social Investment 3 – Best of the web 01.02.13

peter holbrookHere’s this week’s round up of the best charity/philanthropy/social investment stories I have come across in my web-based travels:

1) The FT had this story about a South African billionaire who has become the first person from Africa to sign up for Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge.

2) As the Social Value Act came into force this week, Third Sector carried quotes from Social Enterprise UK Chief Executive, Peter Holbrook, expressing concern that the legislation needs to be strengthened if it is to be effective. This echoes thoughts I raised in this blog last year.

3) Interesting critical piece from the Yorkshire Post about philanthropy as a source of funding for the Arts, following comments from the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, Maria Miller.

4) A new online database of over 22,000 donors has been launched in Mexico. It seems like a really interesting initiative in terms of bringing greater transparency to philanthropy.

5) And finally, a pretty good article from Spears Magazine on “Busting 5 Common Myths About Philanthropy”. I definitely agree with most of these!

Rhodri Davies

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