Now That’s What I Call Philanthropy & Social Investment 4: best of the web 8/2/13

alliaWell, it seems as thought these weekly pentads of interesting philanthro-social finance (nope- still not nailed that description) nuggets have found a reasonably appreciative audience, so I will keep doing my best to unearth five little gems each week.

If you come across any stories you think I have missed, then do let me know via this blog or on Twitter (@Rhodri_H_Davies). I’m always up for interesting philanthropy/social investment tales!

1) A bit of a charity fairytale from the US this week, in which a low-profile Washington D.C. millionaire who had given small amounts to a local charity during his life then left them $28m in his will. An object lesson in treating all supporters well, because you never know!

2) Allia, a UK social investment organisation, launched this week what may be the world’s first true retail social investment product. This will allow members of the public to invest indirectly in a Social Impact Bond that has been issued by Essex Council.

3) The news of a $50m donation by Billionaire Graham Tuckwell to the National University of Australia sparked an interesting public debate about the potentially distorting effect philanthropy can have on public spending.

4) A quartet of wealthy Indian donors announced that they would be funding a $6m “X prize”, aimed at rewarding innovative ideas for social change in India.

5) The “And finally…” story this week is this little tale about a US sci fi author who has taken a novel approach to turning a feud with an internet troll into a drive to give more to charity.

Rhodri Davies

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