Now That’s What I Call Philanthropy & Social Investment 5: Best of the Week 15.02.13

world wide webHappy Friday to all the philanthro-convert and philanthro-curious web surfers out there! It’s time for another whistle-stop tour of the best of this week’s philanthropy and social investment stories on the web, as I found them. Hope you enjoy…

1) Firstly, the interesting results of a conference in the US, where government officials say that philanthropy should do more to try and influence public policy, arguing that foundations and other non-profits can play a key role in transforming public perceptions on social issues.

2) More from across the pond, and an article highlighting the fact that major donor giving in the US is still not back up to 2007 levels, which also gives a good run down of what some of the nation’s biggest philanthropists give to.

3) An absolutely fascinating article on the challenges facing civil society organisations in Russia, and how the Putin administration is undermining the develpment of domestic philanthropy.

4) Following the backlash of cynicism about David Beckham’s announcement that he would be giving his wages at Paris St Germain to charity, Huffington Post carried an interesting perspective from a charity celebrity liaison professional, who argues that celebrities are damned if they do give and damned if they don’t.

5) And finally: news that David Cameron is going to use this year’s G8 presidency to put forward the case for social impact bonds and impact investing. I’m not that sure this will actually result in any tangible action, but it will definitely boost the profile of social investment around the world, and that can only be a good thing.

Rhodri Davies

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