Ireland Top Eurogiving List

hands and coinsWe thought it would be fun to put a slightly different spin on Eurovision this year by asking how the finalists would fare in a competition of generosity.

Our annual World Giving Index report maps the giving of 146 countries, coming up with an overall ‘generosity’ score based on the percentage of the population who give money, volunteer or help a stranger.

Turning this into a ‘Eurogiving’ ranking, looking specifically at those countries competing in the Eurovision final, yields an interesting breakdown of giving in Europe.

Despite their disappointing last place on the night, Ireland is the runaway winner when it comes to giving. They top every possible table, being the most generous at giving time, money and helping a stranger. They are actually the most generous in the world when it comes to donating cash, and second in the world overall. That’s definitely something for Ireland to be proud of!

Although the UK is up towards the top as well, coming third overall, if you look at volunteering alone we fall down to 7th. Belarus – although 16th in the table – are the third most likely to volunteer.

And this year’s Eurovision winners? Denmark are fourth on our table, scoring particularly highly on donating money and helping a stranger – so not a bad effort all round.

It’s surprising that there are significant disparities between giving cultures across Europe – and that these are not necessarily connected to the overall wealth of each country.

We’re in the midst of a major project examining global philanthropy trends and how governments around the world can make the most of them. Take a look –

Here’s our full Eurogiving table:

These figures are all based on the World Giving Index 2012 – which can be viewed in full on our website.

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