Now That’s What I Call Philanthropy & Social Investment 7: Best of the web 15.03.13

bbc newsroundSome great bits of philanthropy and social investment news this week, although you wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at my Twitter feed as i’ve been a bit busy with real world work to do much tweeting. Not to worry though- I have saved the best bits up for this weekly blog post:

1) Unashamedly up first is the launch of CAF’s own “Growing Giving” campaign, which will investigate what can be done to encourage people to give throughout their lifetimes. We announced this week that we will be running a cross-party Parliamentary Inquiry, chaired by David Blunkett MP with help from Andrew Percy MP and Baroness Tyler (check out the campaign website for more info). We also released our “Growing Up Giving” report, which looks at the attitudes of primary and secondary school children to charitable giving. We even made it on to BBC Newsround as a result!

2) Also big news in the UK philanthropy world was the launch of NPC’s major new report into the motivations and attitudes of donors, “Money for Good”. This contains a wealth of fascinating findings, including that less than half of people think that there is a moral obligation to give if you have the money (which is both surprising and slightly depressing).

3) Some fairly technical but potentially very significant social investment news, with the announcement that the European Parliament has voted in favour of a new Bill that will make it easier for social investment fund managers to market funds across borders within the EU.

4) Fascinating article on the ongoing challenges facing civil society in China, where a new law has been proposed that would treat giving as a mandatory “tax” that would go to government controlled charities. More grist to the mill of our Future World Giving research project.

5) And finally, without making any judgments about the rights and wrongs of the situation,this story has a headline worth the price of entry by itself: “Holidaymaker who wrestled shark sacked by charity”.

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