Checking in With Growing Giving

growing givingAs you may remember, earlier this year CAF launched the Parliamentary Inquiry on Growing Giving. The inquiry is looking at the different opportunities that exist for people to give throughout the stages of their life, and will be searching for ways that our generous giving culture can be strengthened.

The first stage of the inquiry – focusing on giving culture amongst younger people – has just drawn to a close, and received evidence from a number of organisations with expertise in the field. Members of the public, both young and old, were keen to add their input proving that there is a significant interest in the way that charitable giving develops in the future.

So far the inquiry has looked at the relationship between the education sector and charities, as well as how charitable spirit can be encouraged amongst young people as they move into further and higher education. In addition, the inquiry has looked at the use of digital giving, which has the potential to transform the way we give to charity.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the next stage of the inquiry, including calling for more evidence from interested parties. So stay tuned and see how you can help us to grow giving…

Steve Clapperton

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