Gimme 5: the best stories for the week of 27th Jan

It’s that time of the week again when we run through our five favourite stories from the world of charity/social investment/philanthropy…

1) First off, an interesting article on UKFundraising examined the concept of ‘nudge theory’ and how it can encourage more donations to charity. Looking at work carried out by the Cabinet Office’s Behaviourial Insights Team (in conjunction with CAF), the examples investigated try and make it easier for people to give. As people live busy lives, creating easy ways for them to support good causes is essential to boost giving.

2) Next up, a ranking of the top seven TED talks on philanthropy from 2013. This includes contributions from the likes of Bono and Dan Pallotta, and each of these are well worth a watch in their own right.

3) An article in Business Standard looked at the new law making it mandatory for large companies in India to use 2% of their profits on CSR activities, and asked whether this means that India will now become the benchmark for other countries looking to grow CSR activity.

4) A piece of good news in Third Sector about CAF too, announcing the relaunch of the Social Enterprise Assist scheme, which has been set up to help social entrepreneurs access early-stage funding in Croydon and Sussex.

5) And finally…our hearts were warmed, as they say, by a story in the Independent about Boudicca Stretton-Brown, who is leading the fight against food poverty by offering free home cooked meals advertised on Gumtree each Monday to families living on benefits. An example to us all!

Steve Clapperton

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