Gimme 5: the best stories for the week of 3rd Feb

It’s almost the end of another week, so time for us to run through our five favourite stories from this week in the world of charity, social investment and philanthropy…

1) First up this week, an interesting article in Spears arguing that people should be more transparent about their philanthropy, and warning of the dangers of giving in silence.

2) Next, the Guardian looks at how fundraising could change over the next ten years, and the challenges that this poses for charities if they are to replicate the success of fundraisers in North America or Australia.

3) Third, an article in the Huffington Post explains that many young people should be encouraged to get involved with philanthropy whilst studying and argues that this can stay with them as a habit throughout their life.

4) An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal looks at how philanthropists can choose who they donate to, and includes some great examples of the way that the very well off use their fortunes to help others.

5) And finally…ahead of the start of the new Formula One season, some of the stars have signed photos that reflect their lives to be auctioned off to help the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Want to see a photo of Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner’s two miniature donkeys? Of course you do.

Steve Clapperton

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