Gimme 5: The best stories for the week of 10th March

Hello  everyone – apologies for the slight delay in transmission of this weekly round-up post. We were suffering some WordPress/firewall interaction issues in the office last week, but we’re back in the game now!


1) First up is this article about the intriguing news that Croydon Council is to use £10m of its treasury assets to make social investments in a property fund run by homelessness charity Broadway. I have thought for a while that Local Authorities could be major players in the burgeoning UK social investment market, combining as they do a  remit to produce public value with significant financial assets.


2) Also interesting this week for anyone involved in promoting charitable giving was the coverage of the independent review commissioned by the Give More campaign following its completion. They should be given a lot of credit for being so honest about the challenges they faced and where their campaign failed to meet its goals. Plenty of food for thought, and hopefully we can all benefit from these lessons.


3) Worth a look is this article from the Next Web, arguing that integrating philanthropy into the business model should be the norm for the next generation of tech startups, and promoting the idea of the “1-1-1 model” (where 1% of assets, 1% of profits and 1% of staff time are given to charity each year).


4) I really enjoyed this eye-opening little article from Inside Philanthropy about the surprising generosity of IKEA. Apparently the furniture manufacturer gives 3% of its profits to its charitable foundation. Flat-pack philanthropy anyone?


5) And finally, there is a great CNN blog detailing the growing link between beer and philanthropy, and highlighting some of the ways we can all put our low-level dipsomania to good use for charity. Cheers!


Rhodri Davies

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