Gimme 5: Best of the web for the week of 31st March

Three o’clock on a Friday afternoon. The office witching hour…


But don’t worry, you can now take a break from furtively watching the clock hand drag its way around the face and read the best the web has to offer this week! (In terms of philanthropy and social investment, that is).


1) First up is this very interesting musing from the BBC’s Ouch blog about what is in a name when it comes to charity. Focusing on disability organisations, and taking as its starting point the fact that it is 20 years since The Spastics Society re-branded as Scope, the article highlights some of the fascinating details of how that process worked and some of the pitfalls that face charities trying to ensure that their name is a positive asset rather than a burden.



2) An interesting piece from the Seattle Globalist looks at the way in which first generation immigrants are changing the nature of philanthropy. Some good stuff in there about the challenging relationship between philanthropy and inequality (which I talked about on a recent blog), and the use of the giving circle model to make giving more democratic



3) An interesting piece of research by the University of Southampton was picked up in various places this week. It showed that in experimental conditions, if people are given variable bonus payments, those receiving larger bonuses tend to give less to charity if asked. The researchers suggest that this might be because those in receipt of h windfalls are more likely to feel that they have earned it. It is interesting to ponder what this might tell us about real-world situations.



4) Spears Wealth Management had a good article this week looking at the potential of the new social investment tax incentive and the way in which the definition of social enterprise seems to be shifting and stretching. Good to see news of the SI tax incentive getting out to the right audience (i.e. Spears readers!)


5) And Finally… I was tempted to go with the story about the couple who found a cat trapped inside the sofa they bought from a charity shop, but then my eye was caught by the story that pioneering grindcore band Napalm Death are releasing a charity single. As someone who actually owns a (not very much-watched) live DVD of Napalm Death, I couldn’t really let that pass. (And notice how I have cunningly circumvented my own rule of five and  managed to get both stories in the round-up…)


Rhodri Davies

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