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Poker chip holder

Despite the fact that people have been playing cards for money for more than a century, poker chips have become popular relatively recently, only some 100 years ago. Before that, people played directly on what they had. That is, if some cowboy in Texas wanted to put, say, $ 10 in a bank, he would get those $ 10 and put it on the table.

However, this manner of doing business is quite inconvenient, because, firstly, no one knew what the player’s stack at the table was and how much he could put, and secondly, it was simply inconvenient to move large stacks of money at the table, laying them around banknotes. That is why in 1880 the first clay poker chips were created, and since then the whole game in the casino and poker clubs is conducted only with their participation. Today, poker chips are just as much an integral attribute in a game as poker cards.

Main value of poker chips in differ offline/online and different games

If you want to buy chips, then the Walmart brand has a large selection of quality-made goods. In addition, poker chips have a great opportunity to buy at Ebay auction. You can also buy quality chip trays. The most expensive vintage and at the same time the highest quality poker chips are those made of clay.

Clay chips are much more difficult to manufacture than plastic, because, in addition to clay, they include sand, chalk and other substances designed to strengthen the composition of the material. These chips are made by squeezing under a compress, and a drawing is applied to each clay chip separately. Such chips are very much appreciated by collectors, and they are used in real casinos and poker clubs. Harley davidson poker chip holder is very practical and convenient to use.

Types of offline poker chip holders to purchase

At the same time, they are easy to distinguish from plastic by the corresponding sonorous sound that these chips emit when they hit each other. The cost of one such chip can be from $ 5. Composite chips, which consist of both plastic and other materials (acrylic, clay, resin), are much less expensive.

In the center of such a chip, a metal plate is often installed to give weight to the chip. Such chips can often be found in online stores, but in quality they are significantly inferior to their clay counterparts. These chips usually cost about $ 2 apiece. Poker chip holder wood allows you to comfortably play this card game.

Cheapest Poker Chips

Well, the cheapest and low-quality option is plastic chips, which are sold in almost any online store. They are very cheap, made in China and are great for gatherings at home.

At the same time, over time, they lose their presentation, since plastic is a soft material, and dents, scratches and abrasions from previous games will remain on it. Clay chips have no such drawback, they only polish over time, like a stone in nature. Poker chip holder display is the best option for the game.

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