Meet the bloggers

Rhodri Davies

Rhodri Davies

Rhodri is CAF’s Policy Manager . Having graduated from Oxford University with a first-class degree in Mathematics & Philosophy, he embarked on a doctorate in Philosophy but quickly realised that his interests lay elsewhere.

Rhodri spent 2 years as a Research Fellow at the think-tank Policy Exchange, where he authored a number of reports on philanthropy, the voluntary sector and public service reform. After taking a year to put some of these ideas into practice while volunteering overseas, he joined CAF in 2010.

Steve Clapperton

Steve Clapperton

Steve is CAF’s Campaigns Manager, working across CAF’s different campaigns as well as public affairs and Parliamentary engagement activity.


After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in Law in 2007, he worked as a Campaigns Organiser for a political party before serving as the Parliamentary Assistant to a Member of Parliament in Westminster.


Upon joining CAF he worked to establish the Growing Giving Parliamentary Inquiry, and is now working with other members of the CAF team to implement the recommendations. He also leads for the organisation on party conference activity, and in 2015 will be helping to shape CAF’s response to the election campaign and efforts to influence the next government.


Adam Pickering

Adam Pickering

Adam was CAF’s International Policy Officer from 2014 to 2017 and led the Future World Giving project. The project aims to highlight the potential for opening up philanthropy to a rapidly increasing global middle class whose engagement in philanthropy could have a huge impact on society.

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